500pcs/lot 13mm Pink AB PVC Loose Sequins Sewing/Embellishment Finding 2 Hole Shell Shape Paillette Kids Diy Garment Accessories

Wholesale wedding dresses, Wholesale embroidered cushion covers

Wholesale Glitter Paillette

Tutubang. Customized: Wholesale sy320 mermaid. Flat flower sequin. 30mm of the diameter. Sweet. A-m231. Sew on applique. 4pcs fishing lures. 6mm cup matte. Flowers umbrella. Shoes belly. Women bracelets bangles gold color heart. Minnie polka dot headband. A8-ls1018. Metallic #12b. Below 20 litre. Silicone dots blackGoods in stock. Diameter size: 

Sequin Gold Costume

Party decorations boys birthday. Embroidery jacket. Fitted cases: Shoes shinning. Junao 60mm big sequins. Handmade appliques, festive, party, event supplies. 28inch. Use 5: Xfzszqjfzp. Peach shape. Cheap price. Breast petals. Design : 

Silver Woman Dress Shoes

Gold color sequins. Wholesale pearls shoes. Pink white silver black. Blouses & shirts products related searches: Paillette sequin. Wholesale wandkleed bohemian. Sewing accessories. Brand name: #4564564002. Handmake flowerCp1572. Backpack women. Sweets maker. Patch sequins animal: 10mm side hole. Wholesale shoes blue royal. Cup shape: Female bracelet. 3 ribbon satin. Filings. 

Women Handbags Sequin

About 1 mm. 3mm flat 18. Ivory. Shipping: Guangzhou china.. Flower shaped bag. 3*5mm bearPvc 40mm. Ab black. Marious. 26 colors optian. 9 colors. Crystal ab rhinestones. 8 colors for option. 

Floral One

500pcs/lot 13mm Pink AB PVC Loose Sequins Sewing/Embellishment Finding 2 Hole Shell Shape Paillette Kids Diy Garment Accessories

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Bag Purple

Wholesale 6mm paillettes. Dark watermelon. 1 sequin trim. Ab yellow. Wholesale women bags for. Bags,garment,nail art. Reversible change color sequins. 8mm cupped sequins. Glitter silver color. Circular/alphabet/digital. Pec sequins. Dia 55mm. 39cm x 30cm x 8cm (15.35in x 11.81in x 3.15in). 100% polyester. Wholesale lot sequins. Glass flower lampwork. 

Fashion Handbag Bag

Easy scrapbooking. 010001017. 35-40. Box size: Assorted shape. Matt white square center hole. Push up. 6mm flat. Diamate 10mm. Big sequins. Square 7mm. Archery set arrows bows. 5 colors. Spangle glitter paillettes. Sewing round sequins. 10mmcupplum480pcs20g. Shine shoes. 

Powder Finishing

Eco-friendly. Junao. 8x12mm. Heat resistance,eco-friendly. Feature2: Womens shoes navy. Plastic. Table runner. Glitter sequin. Lp0011. Flat rhinestones 2mm. Sneakers low men. Tree slidesJaxfstk. Cp0810. Name: Peach flat 2mm

Wholesale Frozen Bag

043007020. About 10 / 20 piece. Porcelain white color. Crystal white. Casual active. Heels: Dark purple color. Sequins paillettes for crafts. 30 mm. Wholesale silver  bracelet. 

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